About School History

Westchester Area School.

We are a Seventh-day Adventist school located in New Rochelle, NY. servicing students Grades Pre-K thru 8.

Westchester Area School was established in 1972 with two teachers and a student body of fifty. The enrollment has spiked to as much as more than three hundred. Today however, the enrollment is at 104 students. The school continues to impact student lives under instruction of dedicated administration, faculty, and staff. As a member of the Northeastern Conference, affiliated with elementary and secondary schools of the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, we are committed to an educational program that meets the standards of the New York State Education Department. As a Christian institution, our school subscribes to the philosophy that holds that successful character development upon a fundamental alliance with the teachings of Christ. Our mission is, “To inspire and motivate our students to seek God first and become His disciples, pursue excellence in their academic, physical, social, and emotional development, and to care for their fellow men and our environment”.

Westchester Area School offer an experience that is warm, rich, and personal. It affords students to grow and explore the fun and excitement of learning in the 21 st century. It is a member of the National Junior Society and holds the title of The Laurent Servius Spelling Bee Championship for six consecutive years. Students leaving Westchester area School have gone on to Northeastern Academy where they complete high school in three (3) years. It also offers community service opportunities. Extra-curricular activities provide students with the opportunity to develop the gifts and talents entrusted them by the Creator.

Meet Our Principal

After serving Westchester Area School for 20 years, Mrs. Nadine Spencer-Elysee was appointed principal of Westchester Area School in September 2019. She was born on the beautiful island of Antigua, but calls Harlem, New York her home.

Mrs. Spencer-Elysee holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of New Rochelle and a Masters of Education degree from Concordia University. Mrs. Spencer- Elysee has completed her Ph.D. studies at University of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in the summer of 2020. She now has a Ph.D. degree in Educational Management.


  • To imitate Christ to those she serves.
  • To inspire change in the lives of others.
  • To impact communities in the home, church, and school.


Firstly, Nadine believes that God as Creator created each person with gifts and talents, and it is His desire that those gifts be used for His glory. Secondly, she believes that God qualifies and prepares the Called; that He is actively working with men and women as they pursue opportunities to improve their capacities to grow mentally and spiritually and cultivate characters that reflect Christ as they seek to live out His purpose for their lives. Lastly, Nadine believes that it is her responsibility to model Christ before her students as she seeks to recreate in them the image of God.


  • To use Jesus as the Standard we are to reach.
  • To cultivate a learning environment that fosters a loving relationship with Jesus.
  • To inspire students, parents, and teachers to always do their very best.
  • To prepare students to impact their communities in their service to God and their fellow men.

Faculty & Staff

Benjamin, Penelope

Administrative Assistant

Bernard, Eileen

Science & Math Teacher

Cruse, Philomise

Homeroom Teacher Grades Pre-K & Kindergarten

Grant-Myers, Jessica

Homeroom Grades 5 & 6 ELA Teacher

Dixon, Raymond

Principal 7th & 8th Grade Homeroom / Social Studies

Forbes, Janice

Homeroom Teacher Grades 1 & 2

Wilson, Julian


Programs & Achievements

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